cool links

Places I like to hang out:

  • SelectButton: This is the best online community I have ever been part of. It's a diverse group and hard to nail down exactly, but I think the one unifier I can think to say is that everyone here cares very seriously about their thing, which is often games but not always or exclusively.
  • Cohost: It's not a site I really love, but I like it enough. I really only cross post or reblog, and I'm mostly on here just to see what my friends post.
  • Twitter: I do not use this anymore at all, either to post or browse. But I did use it for a long time, especially during grad school. Hopefully it won't be deleted, but it will never see another update.
  • Letterboxd: Surprisingly my favorite "social media platform" if only because it's a fine way to explore movies, and for a few laughs/wisdoms if you dig through the garbage for the occasional decent comment or review. I've been logging every movie I watch on this site for years, and I've occasionally written things that mark nice memories or moments of friction that I'm really grateful to be able to look back at. I also love seeing what my friends are watching.

Things I like to play with:

  • Board Game Arena: I've had lots of fun playing all kinds of boardgames with people online using this browser-based website. It's a good way to pull people from all over into a virtual table for a game of this or that, and to try things out for the first time.
  • Thanks to a couple of buddies from SB I've only recently started wading into the vast world of train games, or 18xx. But this website has made it easy, and, wow, yeah, these are fun.